Fully Automatic Inter-Fold Facial Tissue Converting Machine + Automatic Transfer Unit + Log Saw

KG223 + KG248


Model KG223
No. of Delivery  6 Lanes  7 Lanes  8 Lanes
Sheet Size 203L x 187W mm or as request 216.8L x 187W mm
Folded Size 102L x 1309W mm or as request 109L x 1496W
Folded Type Interfold (V - Fold)
Capacity  100 ~ 120 meters / min
(Depending on Size, Folding, Quality of Raw Materials, Reel Conditions, Reel Diameter, Quality of Inks, Drying Capacity of Ink Print Design....Etc.)
Converting Web Tissue Paper
Basis Of Weight 12 ~ 16 grams / m² x 2 ~ 3 Ply
Parent Roll Width (mm) 1122 1309 1496
Parent Roll Diameter (mm)  Ø 1500 Ø 2032
Inside Core Diameter (mm)  Ø 74 ~ Ø 76.2 Ø 273.05

Optional :
1. Embossing Unit (Steel/ Rubber roller) with clean brush.
2. Edge Embossing Unit.
3. Printing Unit.

Remarks : Specifications and illustrations in this catalog are allowed change without previous notice